Tiago Alexandre Lopes

Driven by curiosity.

My name is Tiago Alexandre Lopes and I'm from Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal.

Everything you make can touch other's lives one way or another.

Experimenting and crafting great experiences are the reasons that drive me to pursue different work methods.

Come along and get to know me a little better...

Chapter #1: About Me

Divided between Romanticism and Contemporaneity

Born in Sintra, this beautiful village, on the westernmost tip of Europe, would end up shaping the person I am today.

The romantic ideals of residential and landscape architecture practiced in the 19th and early 20th centuries ended up being primarily responsible for my sensibility and aesthetics. These places were designed with great care and intention, in order to impress, to transport anyone who experiences them to another reality, to emphasize emotions and the connection with nature.

By intuition, I drew inspiration from this, both in physical and digital media.

Surprise and the unexpected are the reactions I wish to convey with what I produce, regardless of the medium used.

Wolf Saint Lake

Wolf Saint Lake was born out of the need to use my name as a branding image.

"Wolf" is the meaning of my surname Lopes, and "Saint Lake" is the original meaning of Tiago.

"Of the Moon Mountain" represents Sintra, having been the name used by the Romans when referring to this magical place.

Digital media has always fascinated me and I believe I grew up at the perfect time when its mass dissemination started to take place.

Video games have always had a special place in my life, and were the bridge for design, when I worked in some of the most visited websites in Portugal, such as Eurogamer.

Although I started with digital design, product design and packaging have always fascinated me.

Self-teaching allowed me to learn the bases of design principles, culminating, after some freelance work, in me joining the design team of Técnico Lisboa.

The last few years have allowed me to do a lot of experimentation in different areas, which would culminate in the secret project that involves them all.

This is not a portfolio

Chapter #3


The Most Catastic NFT on the XRPL

MONI$ is an NFT collection of 5000 unique, randomly generated, stylish cats on the XRPL.

We want to find partners in the artistic and technological fields to bring MONI$ to life outside XRPL as a brand. We want to expand this universe to other fields of entertainment, such as videogames, short films and merchandise.

Chapter #4


Photography is a hobby to which I have come to give more and more attention. Just for fun, with no pretensions to anything else.

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